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Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack Dark Grid/Black Ruck...
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Der geräumige Schul- und Uni Rucksack von Herschel Supply Co. Ausgestattet ist der Pop Quiz mit vielen Organizerfächern sowie einem gefütterten Laptopfach. Typisches Herschel weiß-rot gestreiftes Innenfutter Komplett mit Fleece gefüttertes und gepolstertes Laptopfach bis 15inch Media Pocket mit Kabelausgang im Hauptfach Fronttasche mit Organizerfächern aus Mesh und Schlüsselkarabiner Zweite Fronttasche mit wasserdichtem Reißverschluss Mit Fleece gefüttertes Sonnenbrillenfach Stabiler Boden Gepolsterte Rückwand Justierbare, gepolsterte Schulterriemen Artikeleigenschaften: Verschluss: Reißverschluss Materialzusammensetzung: Obermaterial: Polyester(Sonstiges Material) Weitere Hinweise • Rucksack • Schulrucksack • Laptoprucksack

Anbieter: mirapodo
Stand: 30.05.2020
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Quiz Bingo Trivia
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It’s the question and answer game that suits everyone! Tired of trivia challenges where the clever clogs always win? Then Quiz Bingo’s the game for you! You simply write your answers down on the grid as you go along, then you score just like in Bingo! Since anyone can score at any time it’s nail-biting fun… right up until you reach the Top of the Shop!

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Stand: 30.05.2020
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Program Arcade Games
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Learn and use Python and PyGame to design and build cool arcade games. In Program Arcade Games: With Python and PyGame, Second Edition, Dr. Paul Vincent Craven teaches you how to create fun and simple quiz games; integrate and start using graphics; animate graphics; integrate and use game controllers; add sound and bit-mapped graphics; and build grid-based games. After reading and using this book, you'll be able to learn to program and build simple arcade game applications using one of today's most popular programming languages, Python. You can even deploy onto Steam and other Linux-based game systems as well as Android, one of today's most popular mobile and tablet platforms. You'll learn: How to create quiz games How to integrate and start using graphics How to animate graphics How to integrate and use game controllers How to add sound and bit-mapped graphics How to build grid-based games Audience<This book assumes no prior programming knowledge.

Anbieter: Orell Fuessli CH
Stand: 30.05.2020
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